Frequently Asked Questions 

What to bring:
Q: What do I bring (or leave at home!) to the run? 

A: Read our "What to Bring" suggestions by clicking here

Registration Questions:

Q: I signed up as a "current student" and paid. Now what?  

A:  You must then fill out the form to "be a participant" where you'll create a login and can access your personal fundraising page.  An email will be sent to you after you submit the form that will also give you direct links to your page to send to your friends and family to donate to you!    

Q: Oops! I forgot to fill out the participant form after I registered/paid for my current student. 

A:  Easy! Click here to go straight to the participant form.  If you're still having trouble, please email

Q: I have more than one "current student" but having trouble setting up their page?

A: In order to keep track of multiple student's fundraising pages, you must have a separate account for each student.  Please follow these steps:
-Register and set up the "particpant form" (fundraising page) for current student #1.
-Log out of current student #1
-Register current student #2
-Fill out "participant form" for current student #2
-You should end two separate logins to keep fundraising pages separate 

Q: I signed up as a Gator Tot or Buddy Runner or Staff... where's my fundraising page??

A:  Fundraising pages are only given to CURRENT Greenwood students.

Fundraiser Prizes: 

Q: When do I receive my prizes for hitting fundraising goals? 

A:  Prizes will be given out to students the week of April 16th.

Q: When will I receive my t-shirt?

A:  You MUST register to be a runner (any type of runner!) by April 4th to receive a FREE t-shirt.   T-shirts will be distributed the week of April 16th. 

About the color run paint:

Q: Is the paint used at the run safe? 

A:  The paint is designed for entertainment purposes only.  It is water based and not designed to paint your house.  The paint is non-toxic and skin friendly.

Q: Can I eat or drink the paint?

A:  NO, NO, NO!  Please don’t eat or drink the paint.  It is not intended for consumption.

Q:  Is the paint washable?

A:  The color run paint is designed for easy cleanup and also washable off of skin and hair.  Please keep in mind, paint may stain clothing and other lightly colored surfaces.