What do I bring to the Gator-Raiser Color Run?
1. DON’T worry! The color is non-toxic.

DO wear sunglasses or swim googles to protect your eyes

3. DO bring a change of clothes and/or an old towel or plastic sheet for your car.

4. DO bring a bandana to cover your mouth and nose if you plan to get doused.

5. DO bring a ziploc baggie for your phone. You will want to take pictures, but you don’t want to ruin your phone.

6. DON’T wear anything you don't want color on! The color may or may not come out of your clothes and shoes; wear old ones that you don’t mind getting colorful.

7. DO wear your Greenwood Color Run 2018 white t-shirt! You can also go ALL OUT with white headbands, shorts, knee socks..